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I don’t like what the moon is supposed to do.

Confuse me, ovulate me,


spoon-feed me longing.


                -B. Shaughnessy


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i think it's time for one last road trip, before things get serious.
i get on the bus tomorrow, $ 23 to my name and no way back- i'm not worried.
it's been worse, but never ever better.
life is such an adventure.
someday i'm going to write all these things down.

peace and love and light to everyone in this new year, i promise it will be beautiful.
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dear america-
at this moment in time i would be perfectly content to hang
one of your oversized flags
from my porch.
but mostly
thank you for allowing me, for the first time
in my eighteen years, to be
of where i come from.


in other news-

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i like how smooth my teeth feel
and how you do laundry the caribbean way
and warming us both
for the winter
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i was going to write this elaborate description on life and the technique of living, but words never adequately convey feelings, so i'm just going to finish my paper on the radicallesbians and water my cactus and then lie down to sleep off our afternoon cans and think about how every day things get better and better and better and better.


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these are the things i have:
freedom and the sunday ritual,
our serbian refugees, our blueberry beer
trapeze artists and
spending midnight under smoke and electric lights, if i choose
i have my ink pens and dishes and enough in the way of sweaters and blood
silver spokes and gravel roads, gonzo and paved hills,
waking up to the blessing of red and yellow
i am whole and can't complain.
i have no right to feel anything except for the flying,
no right to shout anything except
hello, i am here!
i am here.

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lately i’ve become an expert at au revoir:

meef, elastico, mer rouge, s. & l.,  and soon to be the fossils-

although i’m not sure yet

if i’m upset

about that last one-

but then again, tonight is not the first night i’ve stayed up late


getting stoned and watching american blackout

(there is something very ironic about it all, but

 i cannot quite put my finger on anything

in particular).

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